How to Decide a Flower Gift Packaging

Flowers whether artificial or natural are fragile to handle especially when they are being packaged for sale. A successful flower brand requires safe and delicate flower gift boxes and fresh looking flowers when displaying to customers. As a flower brand operator, it is important to consider perfect packaging and safe delivery. With proper flower packaging, you will be able to keep your flowers fresh and unspoiled in cardboard flower boxes, making it possible for your flower to remain in its initial arrangement and state.

A perfect flower packaging can be achieved through a number of means such as the use of pure color flower gift boxes, book shape boxes, round boxes and many more. One can also embellish their flower packaging with ribbons to turn it into a perfect gift accessory to suit the occasion for which it is given. If you are on the market of flower related business, here are some flower packaging tips to help you get started.

1. Popular use of pure color flower gift boxes

When it comes to OEM service, paper flower boxes are available in different shapes and colors. There are flower boxes painted in different colors but also some boxes available in pure colors. The use of pure colors for the market of flowers packaging has become very popular today. It is the most commonly used type of flower boxes packaging, such as pink, yellow, grey, blue, purple, red and other colors of flower boxes. When you are choosing a pure color flower box for your flower market, it is good to consider the occasion for which the flower is being presented. This is important because colors as well as flowers have meaning. If the flower is meant for a loved one for example, colors such as pink and white are good options.

2. Decorating with accessories, increasing its value

In some case, Flower packaging can be turned into a gift accessory. A commonest type of decorative item used in flower packaging is ribbon, which is a narrow strip of fabric(mostly grosgrain or satin ribbon). Ribbons are available in a number of colors such as pink, yellow, blue, green, red, purple and others, customized logo on printed ribbon is also available in IGIFTBOX. Only thing you need to consider is to choose the right color of ribbon to suit the market for which the flower is meant for. However, the ribbon should be properly and neatly used for decoration. The placement will determine the nature and shape of the flower box or bag used. In some flower bags or boxes, it will be most appropriate to pin the ribbon by the side while in some flower boxes or bags, placing it on top is the right option to take. The ribbon can also be used for other purposes such as for tying the box. No matter other purposes the ribbon is serving, it has to be properly arranged and pinned so that it will add more value to the flower box.

3. Traditional flower packaging box VS Modern flower packaging box

Traditional flower packaging box are square or rectangle lift off lid paper boxes. Just remove the lid, put the flower and close it again.

But market always welcome creative packaging to lead the fashion.
In recent years, irregular flower boxes such as cylinder boxes and hinged boxes are becoming more and more popular among young people as a fashion. You can always see on the street that a fashion young lady in the car with full cylinder box of roses. There are also some that are shaped like hearts. In some designs, a PVC window is added so that one can see the flower inside it. The PVC window also gives the box an enhanced look.

4. How to save shipping cost?

As we all know, a large flower box can accommodate a large volume of flowers. Flower shops need both small and large sizes of this kind to meet daily requirement. However, when importing from China, large cardboard flower boxes require voluminous packaging. This will increase its unit cost since lots of box inner space is wasted. Regarding this situation, nested flower boxes are welcomed among international purchasing. Customers design their flower packaging with large, medium, small size and so on and put one smaller box inside the other, so that they can take full use of large box inner space and order different sizes of boxes in one time.

5. Creating your own brand of flower boxes with customized design & logo

Paper boxes and bags manufacturers in China can always help with customized your design and logo to create a unique brand of your own. Different means of adding your logo on the box are available, such as embossed, debossed, hot stamping and offset printing etc. To be more flexible, you can also print it on a sticker or label and then stick it to the box.

The above are the different cardboard flower gift packaging box options to choose from. Each of the options can be taken as information. It is left for you to decide on which option will meet your requirements.

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