Candle and Diffuser Boxes

Are you in need of a low-cost candle packaging solution? There are a range of custom candle box. Heavy duty paper based candle lids can be custom printed with artwork of your choosing and also properly sized to fit your candles. The goal is to add eye-catching color to make you candles stand out in the retail space at a reasonable cost.

Give your world a glow and a great smell! You can also box it up! Do you sell scented candles? There are a number of decorative ideas for custom diffuser boxes that you can use to tell your story and grow you sales volume.

Decorations are not just important, but they also play a huge part in getting customers to buy from you. The size and quality of your boxes express value. You can incorporate inserts into you boxes to increase your billboard space so that you have enough room to tell you brand story. You also have the option to work with PVC window boxes that allow you to showcase the products within.

Container and Jar Candle Packaging

Retail candle boxes are designed to support heavier jars, pillar candles and containers. They are easy to assemble and load with products, which is why they make excellent retail display boxes.

The top tack can open towards the front or the back, depending on your preference. Upon request, we can also incorporate additional windows to release fragrance or for product display.

Kraft Candle Boxes

Kraft boxes are ideal where you want to achieve a natural and eco-friendly feel on your Kraft candle boxes. They can be printed into several different types. Each type features distinctive graphics to match the scent of the candle inside each box. Try Kraft boxes, they are one of the best options available to help you reach your target market.

Foil Stamped Candle Boxes

They feature simple, yet elegant graphics with lots of flair. We can also add a sleeve. The graphics are with different color to separate it’s smell. The embellishment adds perceived value. There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to these boxes.


You can also so do a simple box with litho print in single color to bring out elegance. It is a great design particularly when you wish to add a 3D embossed decoration.

Tealight Candle Packaging

Tealight boxes offer an attractive and cost-effective way for you to package your tealight candles. Your just need to tell us the number of tealight candles you would like to pack per box, we’ll come up with a custom tealight design that will stand out on shelf. Plus, adding a custom window  for release fragrance and the tealights to be seen will be good choice.

Reed Diffuser Packaging

The Reed Diffuser is a heavy duty version of the Jar candle box. It is designed to support delicate, heavy glass oil sticks and bottles used with Reed diffusers. Incorporating custom cutouts allows you to show the oils and diffusers within. You can add in special partitions to separate oil bottles and diffuser sticks. Custom dies cut inserts can be added, as well, to give the boxes that compact, solid feel.

Candles stir thoughts and emotions of important moments. Candle packaging that can provoke emotions tend to do well in the retail space.

Be it custom candle boxes, simple paper lids, or printed sleeves for container and jar candles, your end goal should be to stir emotions through your printed packaging.

Come up with candle packaging that will attract by exploiting exceptional die cuts or custom windows that will show your products and release fragrances. This is a great sales strategy!

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