candle packaging

Candle and Diffuser Boxes

Are you in need of a low-cost candle packaging solution? There are a range of custom candle box. Heavy duty paper based candle lids can

Printing Knowledge

Full Color vs. Pantone Colors

Full Color / CMYK / 4CP The combination of these colors, used on their own or overlapped with one another, will produce a full color

flower packaging

How to Decide a Flower Gift Packaging

Flowers whether artificial or natural are fragile to handle especially when they are being packaged for sale. A successful flower brand requires safe and delicate


Do You Really Know Cosmetic Packaging?

Owing to the improvement and high demands for cosmetic packaging, different packaging techniques have been developed and different materials can be used for packaging. Paper


How Product Packaging Promotes A Brand

The importance of getting a quality cardboard gift boxes for your product cannot be overemphasized as it can help your business to popularize and promote


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