How to Choose Suitable Handles for Your Paper Bags?

According to IGIFTBOX team’s experience, when designing paper bags, customers tend to focus more on graphics such as the match of colors and surface finishing etc, while paying less attention to the paper material itself and handles.

Besides, when the final step of his wonderful design is finished, customer need to decide on which handle material should be used. Often they will ask for suggestions as they know few about handle styles with paper bags.

handles for paper bags

To make a perfect paper bags with unique design of your own, NEVER expect others to match your products in mind with 100% satisfaction. Below are paper bag handle styles you should know.

Various Handles

Stylish of handles
Handle options give your designs an extra push from good to great.

  • Round PP Rope Handles
  • Hook (Crochet) Handle
  • Cotton Rope Handles
  • Flat Fabric Handles
  • Ribbon Handles
  • Paper Flat Handles
  • Paper Twisted Handles
  • Die Cut Handles
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Generally speaking, rope handle is with three styles – Round PP handle, Hook (Crochet) handle and Cotton handle. Each handle has its unique features and appearance. Pls see below images to have a better understanding about each type.

Round PP Rope Handles:

Polypropylene rope is the most popular  and luxury one among handles. PP rope is available in a lot of colors and color combinations, so is good as a visual barrier where color indicates certain conditions.

Round PP Rope Handles for Paper Bags

Hook (Crochet) Handles:

Hook handle is also named crochet handle. It’s knitted by machine. Colors are optional. It is a high quality, shinning and light-weight rope that is affordable and very functional.

 Hook Handles for Paper Bags

Cotton Rope Handles:

Cotton is the softest of all the fibers, which makes it ideal for when rope abrasion is a significant factor.  It’s the softest of all handles so it’s perfect for decorative work and comfort concerns.

Cotton Rope Handles for Paper Bags

Flat Fabric Handles:

Fabric handle as the name itself implies, is concerned with feel of the material and so depends upon the sense of touch. Different types of material will have different degree of smoothness or roughness when the fabric handle is to be judges the sensation for stiffness or hardness or softness, roughness or smoothness are all made use of. Colors are optional.

Flat Fabric Handles for Paper Bags

Ribbon Handles:

Ribbon is always regarded as decoration for a variety of gifts, favors and so on. If you would like to make a decorative paper gift bag, besides decorative design on printing and surface finishing, giving a gift bag a makeover with a simple ribbon transplant and Stringing the ends of the ribbon through the holes to the inside of the bag and tie knots to hold them in place are both good solutions.

Ribbon Handles for Paper Bags

Paper Flat Handles:

Flat Handled Paper Shopping style Bags are reusable, composable, and recyclable and made completely from recycled paper. Good for catering events, bakeries or for carrying out leftovers.

Paper Flat Handles for Paper Bags

Paper Twisted Handles:

Twisted paper handle is 100% recyclable and common used for kraft paper bags. It is made from tightly twisted paper and fixed internally to the bag with a strong glued paper strip.

Paper Twisted Handles for Paper Bags

Die Cut Handles:

Die cut handles are good for retail stores and trade shows. With cut out handles, customizing the cut-out size allows for easy carrying. It’s favor use for paper shopping bag, gift bag etc.

Die Cut Handle for Paper Bags

Appropriate handle options are great for giving your designs that extra push to go from good to great.  Igiftbox only list some of the common handles during production use. As for buyer or paper bag trading company, have a better understanding of handle types would help make great benefits on your product packaging or improve your trading service.

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