Packaging Inserts Inside The Box

How to find perfect inserts for your packaging?

A Well-designed packaging insert speaks more about a product than any advertisements. A suitable packaging insert help a lot to grab consumers’ attention and increase the sale of your products in the market.

Packaging insert can sometimes make or break a good design. The challenge, therefore, is finding the right applications and the perfect balance of their use to give your designs that extra push to go from good to great. And really, that’s where packaging insert becomes an art in and of itself.

What can IGIFTBOX offer for customized insert? There are a variety of inserts for options. But IGIFTBOX team will help to select the best insert solutions for your unique packaging. Take below inserts for general reference. For more info or advice, feel free to contact us.

EVA Insert

EVA is common used in electronic products or luxury packaging because it looks luxury from external and feels strong when in hand. With EVA material, product inside could be held firmly and safely. EVA is a very good option among insert protection while its price also high among packaging inserts. Black and white is general used. Customized color is also available. Though EVA material attracts many clients’ interest of luxuriousness, to make it more luxury, wrapping a piece of velvet on its surface is a great contribution.

Foam Cushion Insert

Compared with EVA, foam cushion is softer and with lower density. It can also help with product protection and presentation. With competitive price and safe protection feature, it enjoys great popularity among insert solutions. Foam cushion can be used with flower packaging, gift packaging and cosmetics packaging etc. With different die cut, the cushion holes can be adjusted according to different customized requirement. Velvet wrapped on the surface will decorate the foam with elegance and, also save budget on bottom material.

Polystyrene foam cushion

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam is usually used for Shipping & Packaging. It can be used as protection for everything from fragile glass to heavy industrial equipment! When making EPS foam for certain gift box insert, it can be produced to your specific sheet or pad requirements or to any custom shape in various densities. To make it with luxury external appearance, the insert could be covered with satin when put into the box. In this case customer can only see the luxury satin with customized positions when open the box . It’s one of the economical ways to showcase your products.

Rigid Cardboard Insert

When it comes to printing and packaging, cardboard insert is where you need to be. Sometimes we may need a fancy box with consistence from internal to external. In this case cardboard insert is highly recommended. With rigid cardboard insert, you also can print your logo on the insert, or any other text you like. This kind of box needs less material while is flexible and decorative. Chocolate boxes, gift boxes and apparel boxes are often with this structure.

EPE Foam Insert

EPE foam insert is similar with cushion foam but with high elastic and pure white appearance. It’s light and flexible with anti friction and has the effect of the buffer. EPE is widely used in electronic appliances, instrumentation,lighting, crafts, glass, ceramics, electrical appliances, and gift packaging, metal products, toys, shoes the inner packaging, daily necessities and other products packaging etc.

Blister Cushion Insert

Blister cushion insert is plastic material shaped with customized mould. There are many kinds of blister cushion inserts, among which clear PVC and PET are commonly used in packaging industry. With different holding weight requirement, the thickness of blister is different. With customized blister cushion insert, products could be kept in the right position accordingly. Blister is easy made and cost-effect, while it’s not suitable for fragile products.

Paper Pulp Cushion Insert

Paper pulp cushion insert is made of pulp with customized aluminum mould. It is common used for machine protection such as coffee machine, microwave oven, electronics packaging etc. There are falling test for insert packaging requirement according to different countries standards. Strong holding weight and safety protection are its top features, while the mould cost is much higher than other inserts.

There are a lot more inserts that your end customer may need. The possibilities are limitless especially if you find the right packaging manufacturer to help you finish your project. Igiftbox Are Here For You.   No matter what kind of product you sell, Igiftbox will make your business becoming simple and easy, no need to pay much attention to the packaging issues. Just leave your packaging to us, and focus on your business.

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