Lid Off Lid Box

Lift off lid box is a box with lids and tray. Generally it refers to top lids and bottom tray, or the detachable lid rigid set up box. With simple structure, top and bottom styles enjoy great popularity among packaging boxes.

Though this box style looks simple, with different design and structure, lift off lid box could act in different roles. The lid covers the bottom tray. You only need to create unique artwork for the exterior surface of the cover. This makes the design process much simpler.

Lift Off Lid Box

Igiftbox offers various box and bag styles to make your packaging stand out in the market.

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Rigid boxes with lift-off lids
Rigid boxes with lift-off lids can be with short lids or full depth of lids. These rigid paper boxes can be plain for simple elegance or printed with creative customized design. By application: Cosmetic packaging, chocolate box, jewelry box and wine box etc.

Delicate Small Gift Boxes

Lift-Off Lid Jewelry Box
IGIFTBOX always believe that luxury packaging comes from simple structure with creative customized ideas. Below jewelry box is an example. With ribbon, foam insert, and irregular lid shape as decoration, simple rigid boxes become fantastic luxury jewelry gift boxes.

Delicate Small Jewelry Box

Round Lift-Off Lid Box
Besides square and rectangle rigid box, hat boxes are also popular among lift-off lid boxes. There are flat edge style and curl edge style for hat boxes according to customized requirement. Hat boxes could be used as hat packaging, candle boxes, watch box, chocolate box and so on. Irregular shape such as round macaroon box is also available.

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Folding Lift-Off Lid Box
The application of folding lift-off lid boxes is limitless.  Folding Box is popular gift boxes used for cosmetics, wine, chocolates, jewelry, presentation– Folding gift box  come in two piece style with lift-off lids. Folding box could be stored flat and save space, it can also be easily pop into shape when use.

Custom Printed Paper Folding Box

The lift off lid box is an extremely versatile box style which is very popular among the market. In Igiftbox, we have advanced auto wrapping machine to produce those lift off lid boxes with 8,000-12,000pcs per day. Lift off lid boxes come in all sorts of dimensions and in a rainbow of colours with custom design. No matter what shape of your products, we are able to make eye-appealing boxes to hold all sorts of products and increase brand recognition to generate your products sales.

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