How do We Deliver Paper Packaging Box to You By Sea?

Shipping by sea from different parts of the world is considered quite a hassle by most product packaging buyers.

Well, think of it as a walk in the park. It should not be a hassle at all when you place an order of packaging box in China, but then again, it is quite a challenge. Sea shipping has been around for a long time.

Therefore, it is quite a reputable and functional transportation system that operates orderly. What you need is to be familiar with what actually happens when your product is shipped via the sea.


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At igiftbox, only top quality packaging boxes and bags are shipped to our clients around the world. We usually inspect the products you have ordered thoroughly before packing them for shipping.

Our packing is different from that of other product packaging manufacturers in China. In order to protect boxes&bags perfectly, our workers place one piece box in each polybag and place them into 5 layer strong K&K export cartons.

Trucking Delivery from our Warehouse

We take your products seriously, and we value our reputation so, your products are packed into trucks using a forklift and sent to a seaport based on your requirements. Usually, we will delivery to Guangzhou seaport and it takes about half an hour. We can also delivery it to other seaports, like Shenzhen, Shanghai, Yiwu etc according to clients’requirements.

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Declarations at Customs

We deliver your packaging box to the seaport warehouse to await declaration at customs, a procedure that is taken care of by the forwarder. Once your package is declared, it is loaded onto the ship.

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FCL and LCL Shipping

Shipping does not preclude you from importing smaller quantities from us. If you only order our mini order, like 1000pcs packaging boxes,then LCL (Less Container Load) shipping is the right choice. It makes a lot of sense to have your goods delivered to you via freight.

However, If you order large quantity of packaging boxes from us, we will deliver them to you via full container load (FCL). If, on the other hand, you want a sizable number, less container load makes a lot of sense. LCL is a shared freight and includes products from multiple buyers.

When will your product reach you?

The lead-time varies based on the travel distance. It takes between 1 week and 40 days depending on the port of destination. Pls see as below:

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– Guangzhou – Singapore, Bangkok etc in East Asia, lead time usually is 5 days

– Guangzhou – Sydney, Australia 7 days

– Guangzhou – New York, USA : 30 days around

– Guangzhou – Los Angeles, USA: 15 days

– Guangzhou – Kenya, South Africa: 25~30 days

– Guangzhou – Pakistan, India:17~20 days

– Guangzhou – Riyadh, Middle East: 25~40 days

However, bear in mind that your product might take a little longer to leave port of departure in China.

This is same as in the port of destination, which in many cases can be even longer. In extreme cases, such as administrative delay applies, you may need to wait for 1 week in the port of destination.

Custom Clearance

A notification will be sent to you 1-3 days before your shipping arrives. Once the freight arrives, your goods will be unloaded. Sometimes, it will be inspected by local customs, but most are not.

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Your forwarder starts customs clearance and arrange goods at the destination port. In this procedure, it takes 5-7 days.

Access to Your Goods

There are different ways to have good delivered to you once they reach your country. You can pick up the package yourself or arrange with a shipping company to have them sent to your location. Arrange for a forklift to take off the packages from the delivery truck. Inspect your delivery and ensure that you got what was ordered.

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Looking to import gift boxes and paper bags? Reach out to us at igiftbox, we have packaging for all your needs.

Send a message or give us a call if you meet with any problems during buying from China.