Free Paper Box & Bag Die-line Templates

Are you looking for paper box or bag die-line template when you have some packaging to make. Igiftbox can provide a FREE die-line template that is customized to your specifications. With our die-line template, your designer to overlay the graphic one it directly. This can save time, money and trouble.

Typically, we send out templates to our clients upon request within 24 hours during working days. You are free to reach us via mail at for a sample of our templates.

Paper Box Styles Available for the Free Templates

We have around 6 templates for the most common packaging styles. These packaging boxes are quite popular and are widely used for packaging purposes. They are able to meet your most pressing packaging needs.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to use something specifically customized for your needs, something not available on our list below, we will require a sample cost from you based on profile complexity. But this sample cost also will be refunded once order is confirmed. That mean it’s also FREE. Simply reach us via mail.

We have listed some of the paper box and bag styles for which we have templates. We have:

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Data we need to create templates

Paperboard and box size are important parameters when creating a template. For that reason, we often have to make accurate die-line measurements so that your products can fit well inside the packaging box.

What is the material? The first thing we need to know is the paperboard material you prefer to use to create a template. If you want a regular box made out of SBS paperboard, the assumption we often make is that the paperboard will have a thickness of 0.5 mm.

If, on the other hand, you would prefer corrugated paper, the data we will need includes flute type. For rigid boxes, the data needed is the thickness of the paperboard, which can be anything like 1 mm, 2mm and so forth.

Is it inner or outer size? In addition, we want to know whether the size describes the inner or outer surface. There is a difference between the outer and inner surface, which is influenced by the thickness of paperboard.

In the event you are not sure about desired box size, simply mail us a sample of what you would like to package so that we can figure out the best size.

Specify length, Width, and height in the right order

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Under the printed packaging concept, the dimensions of a box are measured as length, width, and depth, in which case the depth is vertical dimension once the box is opened upwards.