DIY: Paper Gift Box

Posted on 2014-12-08 12:16:00
Category: Gift Boxes  |  Tags: DIY Paper Gift Box

The possibilities are endless once you get started. Use these boxes for gifts, party favours, place cards for dinner parties and to hide little love notes for someone special.

Step one
Print out the box templates. There are 3 sizes to choose from. The 2 larger templates will not fit on one A4 sheet and need to be printed out in sections and pieced together with tape. 

Step two
Cut out the template along all the solid lines. Trace onto the back of the printed paper.  Cut along out the box and fold along all the dotted lines. 

Step three
Place a small square of double sided tape on all the corner tabs and secure all the corners together. 

Step four
Fold all the top curved flaps closed. 

Step five
Decorate with stickers and cut outs from the Grant Archival range.